art glass





You have arrived at the STU GOLDMAN S2DIO

website, named thusly because Stu Goldman's work has been aimed

at two differing and somewhat exclusive worlds of art. 


One world is that of stained glass, in which he not only

creates contemporary stained glass designs for private commissions

and fabricates the art glass himself, but he also designs stained glass

patterns for other craftspeople, writes books on the subject of

stained glass and art glass and edits GLASScraftsman,

a major international consumer magazine within the industry.


In the world of publishing and the graphics arts, he has been an award winning syndicated editorial cartoonist since 1975, as well as a feature and comic strip cartoonist and illustrator for books, magazines and advertising. 


What this website will NOT address is Stu Goldman's background as a stand-up comedian, comedy writer and actor...enough is enough already!