Trade Show Sampler

These panels are 14" x 28" and are used as a 'portfolio' at home & interior design shows to illustrate the styles and techniques I can bring to a project.  I've used lead and metal came as well as copper foil in various combinations to create these samples.



Jazz Series 

The first image and the detail following it were commissioned by the Florida State Democratic Party as a gift to the Clinton White House. The other designs are derived from a successful experiment with an old drawing style revived for my work in stained glass.  These are done in copper foil with an occasional assist with lead.  With the exception of the Clinton piece, all of the panels in the Jazz Series are in a private collection in Hollywood, Florida.



Haiku Series 

Every design in this series is based on a traditional or original Haiku poem, some of which you can see incorporated as a design element. 





Other Commissions

Three panel fireplace screen.


Two door panels using similar design elements.

A portrait based on the silhouette of the client.


Left: Just because a piece of glass is delivered broken, doesn't mean it can't be used creatively.

Right: Believe it or not, this design began as a doodle while talking to the client on the telephone.