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This section of the website contains cartoon art; both editorial /political cartoons  followed by samples of a feature cartoon called "Eavesdrawing"

Editorial Cartoons - My home paper is the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.  I have been the editorial cartoonist at The Exponent since 1981 and  syndicate this feature to other newspapers, both in the Jewish journalism realm and beyond almost since my association with them began.  During this period of time I have received numerous awards for editorial commentary and editorial cartooning.  For more information, please click on the BIO link. 

Editorial cartooning has been my main 'employment' since 1975, when I stopped doing a comic strip entitled Hyper and Associates and took over the position of editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain Journal in Denver, Colorado.

In the past 32 years I have produced over 1700 cartoons on international, national and Jewish issues. 

EavesDrawings - This is a feature that ran in a  Center City Phildelphia 'alternative press' weekly tabloid, the WELCOMAT,  from 1981 until 1998, at which time the paper changed ownership and format. The theme of the feature was that each cartoon was 'eavesdropped' from actual converstions by real people in recognizable locations  throughout the city.  To be honest, not every word was 'overheard', but most of the cartoons were derived based upon some element of reality.

I drew nearly 1,000 cartoons under this title.   Here are a few...