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A sampler of material I have written and illustrated:

The Cat That Thought He Was French - 

Sydney is an unusual name for a little girl and Beece is an unusual name for a cat. What made their situation even more unusual is that Beece, the cat, thought he was French. There are, of course, real French cats; France has thousands of cats , but Beece was not, has not, and probably never would be one of them.


Gregory Allen Jasper Silverton Timothy Marcus Magee

Gregory Allen Jasper Silverton Timothy Marcus Magee

is about the longest name

a kid can have,

don't you quite agree?


Think of the trouble

when your name is double

of what a name should be!






Cassius Kitty is Going to School - 

It was very early in the morning, and a single light came on in the Kitty house.  it was coming from Cassius Kitty's room.  This was a very big day in Cassius Kitty's life, in fact it was the biggest and most imporatant day he had ever had.  This was a day that made him both excited and even a little scared...


Stanley's Extraordinary Vacation!


Once upon a time it was a great honor to be a dragon; a huge powerful flying, fire breathing, green scaled, red eyed monstrous looking beast. A dragon was politely feared by simple villagers and respectfully sought after by knights in shining armor... but that was once upon a time, and this is now.


These days everyone is in such a hurry to go to here and return from there, that people don't take the time to notice dragons anymore. Simply put, ordinary people don't like things that are out of the ordinary.


It's a shame that people don't believe in dragons these days, but it's sadder still when a dragon doesn't believe in himself; and Stanley was just such a dragon...



The Ferocious Feline Pirates of the Raging Mane


Listen closely, my little buccaneers! This is a tale of cats and the high seas... what's that you say?  Cats are afraid of water? Nonsense!  However there is a very good reason why you won't find cats near the water these days...






Zelda's Game


Zelda is a cat. A house cat. A house cat with an entire house, in which she has personally selected fourteen places where she can nap or wait to be fed. Since everybody knows that a housecat's job is taking naps and eating, you would think Zelda had a pretty god life and a pretty good place to live it.  Zelda did too... except for one tiny little thing.


Zelda had never been able to win at her game.